The Understanding Parent

“You have them from day one; you can teach them and train them to be what you want them to be.” “I’m sure if you just love them they will always want to do what you ask.” “I wouldn’t ever tolerate THAT attitude in my kids!” “Why don’t you just give them what they need?… Read More The Understanding Parent

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Little Things

Life is made up of the big and the small. The life-changing and the insignificant. Hallmark moments and others so fleeting no camera is even there to capture them. A world trip and a quiet evening on the back porch. Dreams and memories. This week has been full of little things. Nothing grand or glorious.… Read More Little Things


Toddlers: Four Common Misconceptions

We’ve all been there. Counting down the days till the first steps, the first words. Babies are so FUN to as they hit each new stage. And then they become toddlers. Here are a few things you may have heard… 1. “It’s ok, they take all your time now, but when they get older, they… Read More Toddlers: Four Common Misconceptions