When The Coffee Is Gone…

Okay, I lied. 😉 Maybe this blog is about coffee after all. Or it is today. You know, some mornings are tough. The challenges and piles hit the moment your feet touch the floor. You stand there, fuzzy hair, blotchy face, trying to pull yourself together. You pull yourself into the kitchen. And the coffee can is empty.

That sinking feeling. That ‘forget it, I’m just going back to bed’. That’s me. Today. I have dreams of going far, of being an amazing woman. But I’m really just a cowardly girl with a caffeine crutch (a warm, fuzzy crutch?)

The hard truth, for dreamers like me, is that life isn’t always warm and fuzzy. It really isn’t. Sometimes it’s hard work. Sometimes it’s trying again after you mess things up. Sometimes it’s simply trying something new.

But if I want to really achieve those dreams, and be all I can truly be, I know I must continue to believe.

Even when the coffee is gone.

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