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There’s Happiness, …and then there’s cheesecake!

I love cheesecake, even more than I love coffee. There is something about the velvety, creamy sweetness that I find completely irresistible! Some people say it takes too much effort, but honestly, if it were any less I would be in BIG trouble!

This last week I was wanting to create something fun for my husband, Jeff to shoot. I have this adorable mini cheesecake pan, that makes a dozen teeny tiny morsels of delectable goodness. I decided it would be perfect for creating some stunning food photography (ok, maybe I just wanted cheesecake). I poked around over mini cheesecake recipes and decided on this one. They turned out delicious! No matter that the recipe called for a muffin tin, and I had enough leftover to make a second batch of cakes- who says ‘no’ to extra cheesecake? 🙂

I was right, Jeff turned out some amazing work! I was delighted with the images he produced.

…and with the cheesecake, of course.


(PS One of the BIGGEST perks of mini cheesecakes, is they only take 20 minutes to bake, and 2 hrs to cool! …again, this may be more of a danger than a perk…)

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