Changing Sails

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The wind is cold and sharp as it whips strands of hair into my face. I strain against the strange fog, trying to see the horizon. I see nothing. I taste the salty spray and try to remember where I am. Where I am going. I can’t let fear win, or I will not survive. I peer up the mast and know my only hope is to work with the wind. Use this storm to my advantage. I can still captain my vessel and guide it to safety. I wake.

It is just a dream, but like most dreams it holds power. I have experienced this terror before. My heart freezes, my thoughts are empty, my body goes numb. I know I can’t change the circumstances I find myself caught in, and fear taking hold. I like being in control, I find comfort in knowing what’s next. But now I see that while I’m not, yet I am. While I can’t always control what surrounds me, I can always control who I am. I am responsible for my destination; my circumstances are not. I choose to focus on what can be changed, and utilize what can’t. I will arrive.

And I will wake, the storm will pass, the light will dawn, and I will arrive. Life is little more than a dream, after all.

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