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Little Things

Life is made up of the big and the small. The life-changing and the insignificant. Hallmark moments and others so fleeting no camera is even there to capture them. A world trip and a quiet evening on the back porch. Dreams and memories.


This week has been full of little things. Nothing grand or glorious. But those moments that capture your heart and fill in a tiny crack here, and small crease there.


As I was pondering over this last week, I realized something. Dreams are meant to be enormous. Limitless, they challenge us onward. But memories are made up of the little things. It isn’t the perfect beach house or the exotic meals that make memories stay on. It’s the smiles shared, the moments walking hand in hand with those you love, that build memories you will cherish forever. They may sit in the back of your mind for a time, but when you take them out and dust them off, it’s the ‘little things’ you remember.


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