About Me

Sometimes I wonder about my identity and my passions. I don’t have it all figured out, and some days I don’t even know where I left my bra. There are moments when I am passionately in love with my four daughters, and then the toddler finds the glitter, and I run screaming from the room. That is motherhood. There are days where I paint with abandon, splattering my kitchen in the colors of the sea… and then months go by where I don’t even pick up a brush or pencil. That is art. There are mornings where my house is clean and shines in the sunshine (who am I kidding, I’m an artist, and I live in Wyoming), but seriously, some days are better than others. That is life. I love my crazy, artsy, scattered life. It’s fun. It’s an adventure. It’s me. And when there is a warm mug of coffee in my hand life is perfection.